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hello back again

Post  3wheelers on Fri Jan 30, 2009 10:00 pm

checking out the updates, before the pc expires. havnt been around a lot lately due to work shift change. also combined with starting the business means if Im not 4 days at main job Im 4 days at unit. still repairing bikes and one off machining is better than multi part work and deburring/polishing but the new shift pays time and a half so funds the business :D

this also gets in the way of track building etc. been in contact with Phil Steadman since the new year and looks to that Mrs Foxhills will be running 4 events (probable 2 dayers) there, while Phil will be staging a Farleigh in September.

more to follow as and when. meanwhile a bit of advertising http://www.wheeler-motorcycle-services.com/
please let me know what you think , and Mr P thanks for the offer of help last year but just didnt get time to sort the Husky, ironically managed to borrow new used flywheel and stator off Mr Witt and the bike now runs, so if anyone needs a set for their motor Ive a new Ducati set at £175+p&p not bad seeing they are £270 now.


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