Wasp Chassis

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Wasp Chassis

Post  Trickymicky on Sun May 16, 2010 9:42 pm

Any one interested in a RT15 A Chassis, it has front and rear swing arms, forks and petrol tank. The sidecar has been de-welded for storage but the frame and chair have no cracks as far as I can see. Its for a Norton or Triumph motor but obviously it woud take anything with mods. I bought it with a view to build a spare (love bits of spare) but I am building a new Trialer solo so I wont have time. Its £350 quid, no offers please, and is based in Tonbrige, Kent but I could take it to the Bonanza in June. Also have a 447 motor 653cc (picked up slightly on one piston but the rest looks petty good. I took the top end off for a timewaster who never turned up. Thats £250 but no offers please. Give me a call or email if easier 01892723564


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