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Post  papsck on Sat Oct 02, 2010 10:50 am

Norton Wasp 850 airbag this sidecar had a complete rebuild a few years ago as has been unused since. This sidecar belonged to the late Ray Kennard, offers around £5000. The sidecar is in the Reading area.

These are details I received in December last year.

Peter Weart who did the restoration, he is acknowledged by the Norton Owners Club as the best man to work on Norton Commando engines, and he had also competed sidecar motocross with a Norton-Wasp, so he knows what it's about.

Specification is still to enduro requirements including gearing, but much is now non-standard, both in the engine and Wasp bits.
The engine, unknown to me when I bought it and not discovered until Peter started putting it together, has a 72mm crank rather than the standard 79mm of the 850 engine, giving a capacity of around 800cc. The barrel and push-rods are purpose made accordingly. Everything else in in the engine has been restored or replaced as needed. It has a new single carburetter, and Peter has built a completely new air intake to accommodate the latest type filters.

All the electrics have been replaced including installing a generator and latest Boyer-Bransden ignition, plus full road-legal lights that are not dependent on batteries. A speedo is fitted and works. The original Norton Mk3 primary chaincase has been modified to remove the electric starter bulge but to retain the chain tensioner. Modification to the lube filling of the frame will make life easier and likewise to the crankcase shield.
Every part of the frame and forks has been repaired/strengthened if needed including the dry bearings replaced and greasing points added. Brake discs have been skimmed and pads replaced.

Suspension is standard, with the airbag itself renewed and the Hagon shocks still comparatively new. The sidecar shock needs attention - it was OK during the ten minute running time that the outfit has had but it has locked up for some unknown reason.

The wheels are the original 19 inch front and 17 inch rear (almost unused enduro tyre) as I wanted to retain them for readily available road tyres later in life, and couldn't - still can't - afford a new pair of hubs and bigger rims. All the plastics have been replaced. The frame is plastic coated, all now looking splendid in black and yellow. It has a new seat.

Contact Hazel on Unfortunately Hazel probably won't know much of the technical side about it. So it is probably best to go and see it yourself if you are interested.

Paul and Sue


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