Meeting on the 7th at Reusel. Holland

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Meeting on the 7th at Reusel. Holland

Post  ross chivers on Mon Jan 04, 2010 11:17 pm

does anyone have any information on this meeting, track etc and is anyone going???
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Re: Meeting on the 7th at Reusel. Holland

Post  doogle on Tue Jan 05, 2010 5:07 pm

Here ya go fella.

by » Wed Dec 02, 2009 8:50 pm

Translated with ( after some small rectifications this looks OK for me....)
Any questions can be posted here and i will try to answer them as good as possible.
Sidecar motocross-2010 Season Opener

Beginning in 2009, to be exact on February 15th we organized the season-opener-Sidecar motocross. It proved a resounding success. A bull's-eye!
We were almost exclusively very laudatory comments. We have decided to include in the sidecar-2010 motocross season Reusel to start.

This time, the engines on the beautiful wooded circuit in the Pikoreistraat Reusel to roar on SUNDAY 7 FEBRUARY 2010.
This is the week before Carnival. The carnival week is the week when many sidecar combinations abroad to attract many hours to training.

This is first of all to his Reusel, in the cozy North Brabant. We will, like last year, to ensure that despite the unpredictable weather conditions, a perfectly passable circuit can be offered.

The sidecar motocross-season opens in 2010 Reusel hang out and all are welcome. There is opportunity to start the following classes:

1. Youth
These sidecar machines with a capacity of 70 to 250cc. The maximum age for these machines in the competition can do is 14 years. This applies to both the rider and the passenger.

2. Veterans
The "veterans" does not so much for the rider and the passenger, but is particularly applicable to the machine. So you can participate in this class if you are the veteran age "of 40 years have not achieved, provided you have a 4-stroke machine side and not less than 1984 and must be stereo suspension from behind. If a jumbo air-cooled from the rear suspension and stereo.

3. Hobby
In the hobby class sidecars anyone to launch without a license. Riders so, and passenger, that sidecar racing just for hobby and where participation is more important than the result. Moreover, this class starts opportunity for such mechanics and / or supervisors.
(In 2009 there were only a few combinations in this class. If insufficient registrations the organization reserves the right to this class with a different class to another. Hobby combinations, however, are classified separately.)

4. License Holders
All who hang out at the union also have a starting license (MON, KNMV, BMB, VLM etc. etc.) should start in the class starting license holders.
(Last year we received the most applications in this class. We then split into one class license Holders Inters and license holder nationals. This possibility remains a serious option in 2010.)

Last year, rode in the youth class into a combination of the Brothers Hofman. For these two young men was one of the first encounter with the sidecar, motocross, sports, and anyway the first "real" game.
Parents that their two sons at all could enjoy the beautiful motocross sport was particularly due to the Foundation "Make a Wish" a sidecar combination available to them.
The Hofman family playing from that moment the idea to give back to this foundation. In consultation with the MC Wielewaal was decided that we name the foundation "Make a wish" to undertake this race in 2010.

Of course there will have to be an amount collected. The Hofman family will end the match take the necessary initiatives. We also, by common agreement, decided that the fee (voluntary) is increased from 20 to 25 per combination. If you pay that 20 euro fine. Then you simply must join. But if you're willing to pay 25 euros more than we donate 5 million to the Foundation "Make a wish".

Of course, during the ceremony the amount raised be presented to a representative of the Foundation "Make a wish".

Participants are asked to give prior notification. This can fully enclosed registration form to complete and send to:
MC Wielewaal, Attn: Rob van Veldhoven, Doornbos 9, 5541 HA Reusel, the Netherlands
Or mail to:
The registration form can also be found on the website

Finally, some additional comments:
The registration fee is 20 euros (25 euros or voluntary) and on February 7, 2010 to tender payment.
A transponder is required!
Subscribe to the contest, February 7, 2010, from 08.30 to 10.00 hours. Start training at 10.15 hours.

Sign up for from now until January 31, 2010. Depending on the number of applications we decide on February 1, 2010 or the final game will continue.
APPLIES TO ALL PARTICIPANTS: A VALID LICENSE IS REQUIRED. A valid license is a MON or KNMV license. Foreign participants can on the track (on the match itself) an appropriate insurance.

If you have questions or wish further information, please (telephone) contact with the MC Wielewaal in the person of Rob van Veldhoven. Phone 0031 651405931.

Best regards,
MC Wielewaal
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