A unique passengering opportunity !

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A unique passengering opportunity !

Post  Twinshock 10 on Fri Oct 03, 2014 9:15 am

Just occasionally life and circumstances throw up a chance of a lifetime.

This is that time.

The robust sidecar athlete that is known by many names in the sport, although we shall call him Longmore , finds himself in need of a left-hand-man following the departure of Tom ( don't go by appearances I'm straight) Dickson, who wishes to pursue leisure activities with other like minded men.

This split has left Longmore broken. Can you help mend him ?

He requires a passenger of great skill since they will be expected to do most of the work - newbies should therefore think twice before applying. As an equal opportunities employer, Adam will consider any sex, colour or religion but girls, your coordination will be tested via the classic " can she throw and catch a tennis ball" method. None have yet passed.

The successful applicant can expect a colourful career with the Worcester W*~!er. As well as top wages he offers a constant stream of advice, abuse, sarcasm and outdated, well practiced jokes. He does however admit that his knowledge of dieting, beard trimming, bike maintenance, personal hygiene, tea making, and sensitivity of comment is weak so perhaps you could help in these areas.

Apply now for this mind altering experience to Adam direct on 07935 403016
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Re: A unique passengering opportunity !

Post  sidekick39ish on Fri Oct 03, 2014 10:58 am

clever wording Keith, not once did you use the word "unreliable"  or  "left high and dry" or even "waste of space"  You should of been a politician, not a used car salesman. Laughing

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