Marks Tey-23rd June 2013-results

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Marks Tey-23rd June 2013-results

Post  olive114 on Mon Jun 24, 2013 9:27 pm

Good evening,I sat down then remembered I hadn't posted the results from yesterdays meeting at Marks Tey. It was a mixed day weather wise,the usual MT wind,tiny bit of sun,tiny bit of rain so that could only be a good thing. The "boys" were out on the Godden this week as the BSA had "problems". There was what could have been a nasty incident from the start in the second race when Darren had to brake to avoid the outfit in front,resulting in Jason coming off the outfit when it went "down" ( they were lined up for a right hander,Jason on the back of outfit so over it went).That made Paul brake hard and slide into them,throwing Geoff off and "clonking" Jason is a good way to disgribe it-he had tyre marks front and back and found himself staring into Paul's eyes at close range. Amazingly no "bad" inguries-a plaster for Darren and a sore head,An ice pack for Jasons back where a bruise stsrted to form rapidly. Karl got caught up in it as well and Mick (Baldwin) stopped to see if help was needed. It happenend on the start straight before joining on to the track so the race wasn't stopped,just a bit short of riders-the first 4 or 5 didn't know it had happened.  Ok, on with the results!! They outfits had 4 races (5,13,21+26) 4 laps long but they may have got a couple of 5 lap races.

Race 1.
1. Paul Kimbell + Glenn Restrick
2. Chris Batt + Richard Brindsen
3. Jamie Nelson + Brad Conner
4. Chris + Dave Tye
5. Darren Metcalf + jason Sigourney
6. Mick Baldwin + Paul Weedon
7. Mick + Dan Mead
8. Dave Whitehead + Steve Rampling
9. Karl Weavers + Steve Nunn ( Spike )
Paul Weavers + Geoff Neville did most of the race but had to pull in a bit before the chequered flag because Paul's knee had swollen up so he couldn't bend it to get into the chair.

Race 2.
1. Paul Kimbell + Glenn Restrick
2. Jamie Nelson + Brad Conner
3. Chris + Dave Tye
4. Chis Batt + Richard Brindsen
5. Mick + Dan Mead
6. Mick Baldwin + Paul Weedon

No other finishers due to the start line "topple". Darren + Jason's handrail broke so end of play for them.Dave Whitehead + Steve Rampling's bottom (think) fork yoke broke so end of play for them as well. Chris + Dave Tye had a broken handrail also so that was the end of their day.

Race 3.
1. Paul K + Glenn R
2. Chris B + Richard B
3. Jamie N + Brad C
4. Mick + Dan M
5. Mick B + Richard B
6. Karl W + Spike
7. Paul W + Geoff N

Race 4.
1. Paul K + Glenn R
2. Chris B + Richard B
3. Jamie N + Brad C
4. Mick + Dan M
5. Mick B + Paul W

Karl W + Spike had a puncture so dindn't start the race. Paul W + Geoff N didn't do the last race either as Paul's knee was badly swollen.

I was told that we hadn't missed anything by not racing as track rough and bumpy and loads of "left handers". The Godden seemed to run ok for the first time in it's "scrambles career", just a bit of "fine fettling"!!.

Apologies if I have got anything wrong,put the wrong driver with passenger,spelt names wrong etc.xx

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